His work experience

He has long professional experience of origination and negotiation of credits and investments of risk capital, risk assessment, valuation of family businesses, strategic planning, project structuring, acquisitions, privatizations, PPP and corporate governance in different sectors, such as Financial Intermediaries, Education , Health, Energy, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Private Equity Funds, as well as in business consulting for SMEs and entrepreneurship, academy and journalism.

In 2006, the President of the Republic of Italy awarded him the merit star award (Commendatore title) for his outstanding contribution to the support of the cooperation of Italian companies in former Yugoslavia. And in 2013, he won the World Bank Excellence in Leadership Award, which is awarded to few outstanding officials for his leadership capacity and talent selection.

He is currently a banker for corporate clients of IFC, based in Bogotá, Colombia; Endeavor mentor in Mexico, Colombia and Italy; He collaborates with Genova’s newspaper, Il Secolo XIX, as an analyst of international economic news and global markets.



  • Diagnostic execution of the present situation with dynamic DOFA study.
  • Validation of the business model, value creation, supply chain.
  • Update of competitive positioning and differentiation factors.
  • Analysis of business and environment risks.
  • Strategic approach and definition of key assumptions for planning.
  • Framework conditions for the sustainability of the results.
  • Identification of the operational and financial functions that determine the forecast.
  • Evaluation of available versus necessary competencies and of the organization.
  • Evaluation of the necessary resources to reach the strategic goals.


  • Accompaniment in the diagnosis of early growth potential.
  • Definition of the business model
  • Evaluation of the necessary conditions for scalability and growth acceleration.
  • First strategic diagnosis using scenario models.
  • Models of analysis of the probability of business success.
  • Self-assessment model of the necessary skills in the founder’s team
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Definition of market reach, target market, key differentiation factors
  • Market potential and competition evaluation
  • Accompaniment in the first strategy and planning exercise
  • Expectations management in obtaining external capital funds.
  • Importance of corporate governance discipline for growth and methodologies


  • Evaluation of the patrimonial, economic structure (margins) and financial structure (resources)
  • Valuation of companies in preparation for extraordinary events (external growth, M&A)
  • Business plan models, preparation methodology for the preparation of the first plan
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of cash flow and leverage potential
  • Development of strategy to obtain external capital with strategic or financial partners (private equity funds)
  • Evaluation of the different accessible and realistic market options for the characteristics and sustainability of the company

Clients and Allies


private universities in Colombia

(Javeriana, UTB, Andes, Sergio Arboleda, Sabana, UPB, UNAB, Pilot, CEIPA) and even a participation in the academic committee of programs of the Javeriana University.

It is a strategic consulting firm in the business field with 31 years of experience, dedicated to advise SMEs.